Cyber and Insider Threat
▪Data science experts in SNMP, Audit Logs, and NetFlow
▪Data collection, aggregation, parsing, normalization, and enrichment to identify real threats
▪Data Analysis and visualization
▪Incident Response

Cross Domain Solutions
▪Design, implementation, testing, and sustainment of the leading cross domain technologies
▪Subject matter experts in many COTS/GOTS technologies including RadiantMercury, High Speed Guard, MDeX, one-way diodes, and AFTs.
▪Developed, and deployed hardened OS platforms including Trusted Solaris and SELinux

Enterprise Network Security
▪Experts in Next Generation firewall, VPN, IDS, and IPS Products
▪Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
▪Secure Enterprise Wireless Solutions
▪LAN/WAN Architecture and Management
▪Implementation of Authentication Technologies (Biometric, Two-Factor, Radius, Active Directory)

Certification and Accreditation
▪Experts in various Certification and Accreditation processes
▪Risk Assessments, System Security Plans
▪Physical Security Assessments, Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing, COOP Plans and Testing

Cyber Defense / Computer Network Operations (CNO)
▪Information System Security Engineering
▪Vulnerability Threat Assessment
▪Secure Mobile/Wireless Technologies
▪Data Exploitation
▪Reverse Engineering
▪Software & Systems Re-engineering

Cloud Computing
▪Architecture Design
▪Splunk Enterprise Service Integrator
▪Automate, deploy, and maintain infrastructure including DevSecOps (Automated IT delivery with built-in security)
▪Experts in streaming analytics using Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Nifi, and Elasticsearch

Software Engineering
▪Follow Agile Development processes tailored to each customer
▪Specialize in utilization of Open Source software
▪Continuous integration/build automation (including Jenkins)
▪Web Services Application Development (including MEAN stack)
▪Enterprise Application Integration
▪Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Professional Services
▪SRC is an official business partner of both Splunk and RedHat
▪Provide expert consultation on both short and long-term engagements locally and throughout the United States

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